Three Foods to Avoid to Sustain a Healthy Smile!

You take great pride in your pearly white teeth. You carefully brush the entire surface of each tooth. You floss and rinse with mouthwash. You even avoid harmful habits like chewing on ice or opening bottles with your teeth.

But despite your best efforts, your dentist consistently finds cavities and stains. So what's secretly ruining your teeth? The following items may surprise you.

White Wine

You already know that red wine can stain carpet, so you avoid red wine at mealtimes to keep your teeth looking white. Instead of a bottle of Merlot, you order a Chardonnay to complement your fish and chicken dishes. However, white wine could be the reason your teeth are in bad shape. According to studies, white wines like Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay wear away enamel just as quickly as red wines like claret and Merlot. Why?

White wine contains acids that rough tooth enamel and leave it vulnerable to stains. Although stains from red wine are darker due to the wine's natural pigmentation, white wine could still cause significant damage. Calcium-rich foods could offset some of that damage. Cheese is particularly high in calcium, so it can help restore lost minerals on your teeth. And cheese helps stimulate saliva production, which also contains traces of calcium and rinses away food particles.

The next time you drink a celebratory glass, don't forget to order a little cheese for dessert.

Cough Syrup

It's no surprise that colds wreak havoc on your body. Coughing fits and a constantly runny nose are more than enough to make you reach for the cold medicine. But before you down that cherry-flavoured syrup, take a moment to consider the impact it has on your teeth.

Many cough syrups contain sugary ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup and sucrose, which then stick to your teeth. These ingredients send the bacteria in your mouth into a feeding frenzy, and they produce harmful enamel-eroding acids as a result.

Some cough syrups also contain traces of alcohol, which can have a drying effect on your mouth. With less saliva, the sugars and acids remain on your teeth even longer.

Furthermore, many adults tend to take cold medicines before they go to bed. Saliva production decreases during the night, and when combined with the cold medicine, your mouth is in for a cavity-inducing experience.

If you want to protect your teeth, your best option is to switch to a pill form of the medication. If you don't have that medication on hand, at least take the syrup with a meal (when your mouth produces more saliva). Then thoroughly rinse your mouth when you're finished.


You likely already know that soda is bad for your teeth. The acids and the sugars are enough to wear away even the brightest of smiles. Perhaps you even avoid drinking soda altogether for this reason.

But, if you switched to lemonade or any other citric-based juice, your teeth may still be at risk.

Researchers found that commercial lemonade has an aggressive dissolution effect on enamel. This is because the citric acid (common to lemons, limes, oranges, etc.) has a low pH level. The acid eats away at your teeth's hard protective covering, leaving minuscule pits and holes. From there the sugar from the drinks works its way into these holes—where brushing can't always reach.

If you're going to have a glass of lemonade, you can minimize its effects by consuming it along with other foods. Then rinse your mouth with water after the meal and finish up by chewing a sugar-free or dentist-recommended gum.

Reverse the Damage: Book Your Appointment with Joly Dental Care Office in Edmonton!

The above items are just a few ways you can damage your teeth without realizing it. Fortunately, you can have a shiny, healthy smile again. Following a good dental regimen and visiting the dentist twice a year can help reverse some of the damage you inflict.

If it's been a while since your last trip to the dentist's chair, don't wait another day to schedule your next checkup and cleaning. Your dentist can spot any potential problems and give you advice about which foods to avoid in order to protect your beautiful smile. Call Joly Dental Care office in Edmonton, Alberta today!

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