Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning with Your Edmonton Dentist

Keeping your teeth in good health and repair is essential to maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. Whether a toddler or a senior, regular trips to visit a dentist is a crucial component of an overall dental care regimen, so don’t put off scheduling that all important dental visit for you and your family to have your teeth cleaned. Tooth pain never resolves itself on its own. Making sure that you can avoid it requires regular brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist’s chair for bi-annual checkups and teeth cleaning. Everyone should know about the important role that preventative dentistry plays in our overall health.

The Canadian Dental Association reports every year approximately 3,200 Canadians are diagnosed with oral cancer and 1,050 deaths from oral cancer occur. This disease has a low survival rate because it is often diagnosed very late. With early detection the survival rate of oral cancer can be greatly improved. This means going to your dentist for regular dental exams. Your dentist has the training and experience to detect oral cancer early.

Catch Problems Fast with Regular Teeth Cleaning
The mouth is an active environment, and potential problems like those that cause gum disease and tooth decay can be spotted with regular dental visits. Scheduling regular visits to help find and treat signs of dental decay early, which will save you money and pain in the long run.

Save on Money and Pain with Regular Dental Visits
As mentioned, tooth pain does not just go away on its own volition, and, the longer you wait the more expensive it is to fix. Finding a local dentist in Edmonton, Alberta for teeth cleaning appointments and regular examinations allows you the opportunity to find and treat problems without having to resort to expensive oral surgeries. If caught early, infection and disease can be stopped with minimal discomfort and pain.

Manage Your Teeth for Overall Well-Being
Beyond assuring that you have sweet smelling breath and a dazzling smile, taking good care of your teeth, including regular visits to the dentist means having an overall healthy body. Poor dental hygiene has been linked to some health conditions including stroke, heart disease, and oral cancer.

Dr. Joly and the staff at Joly Dental Care are committed to helping patients feel better about themselves. We aim to deliver a healthier lifestyle by creating a confident and happy smile. Questions? Please call Joly Dental Care in Edmonton, Alberta today at 780-428-3281!

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