Oral Health Tips for Travelling from Your Dental Clinic in Edmonton

Canadians today are more mobile than ever before but many complain that it can be hard to give oral care the attention it deserves when travelling for business or pleasure. Plain and simple: you can take a vacation – but you can’t take a vacation from oral hygiene.

Joly Dental Care in Edmonton understands this and offers the following suggestions for tooth care while you travel. If you want to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy before you leave, make sure you book an appointment with your dentist.

Pack and clean properly – keep your toothbrush in a large enough case to provide for drainage and air circulation to dry the bristles and prevent the growth of bacteria. Clean your toothbrush carrier before and after your trip – an American Academy of Periodontology survey found that a third of travelers never wash out their toothbrush cases.

Portable products – a collapsible toothbrush, a disposable tooth flosser or a roll of floss that fits into your purse or carry-on are great examples as well as packing extra oral care supplies in your suitcase.

Keep it clean – remember to wash your hands before handling your toothbrush or flossing your teeth and if the local water isn’t safe to drink, it’s not safe for oral care either - use bottled or boiled water instead.

Watch your diet – on vacation, we often change our eating habits, increasing our exposure to sugars as we enjoy exotic delicacies so be aware of their effect on your oral health. For a quick refresh, try sugarless gum or candies to stimulate the flow of saliva, which helps to cleanse your teeth. Try sugarless candies with green tea extract, or drinking green tea, to protect your teeth. Research at Pace University suggests green tea may help to destroy the bacteria that cause cavities.

Take a break – keep a travel toothbrush handy and when you make those inevitable pit stops, bring your travel toothbrush with you and give your teeth a quick brush and rinse. You can easily floss while riding (but not driving) in the car using a disposable floss stick. When you arrive for the night, whether it’s a hotel room or grandpa’s house, take a little extra time to focus on your teeth and help your kids with their final teeth cleaning of the day.

Finally, if you have any concerns about your oral health, schedule a checkup and cleaning before you leave – it’s one less thing to worry about and you can impress new friends with your pearly white smile.

If you have any questions about your dental care before your trip – be sure to talk to your Joly Dental Care professional in Edmonton. If you are ready to improve your smile, call Dr. Joly at 780-428-3281 to schedule your consultation today and free parking is always available on site.

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