Joly Dental Care Dentist Gives Parents Tricks to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Admittedly, getting your kids to brush their teeth can be quite the process. This is more like a chore or task for a youngster than a fun game in the bathroom at bedtime.

Incorporating a teeth-brushing ritual into your children’s everyday activity is instrumental in building a lifelong habit of good oral hygiene. As such, overcoming tooth-brushing resistance is critical to ensure that your kids reduce the chance of tooth decay and gum disease. Towards that end, here are some smart tricks to get your kids brushing regularly.

Overcoming Tooth Brushing Resistance

Just like your efforts to get your child to take a bath at night and eat their vegetables at dinner, getting your kids to do the right thing is not always easy, and that applies to getting them to brush their teeth on a regular basis. As with just about every other parental role model efforts, developing good oral hygiene behavior is at the heart of getting your kids excited at the prospect of brushing their teeth.

The typical goal of a three year old is to have fun, so stories about how important it is to brush their teeth are unlikely to gain much traction. On the other hand, if you turn brushing their teeth into a bubble-making contest, now you are talking about something that will grab a three year old's attention.

Most dentists within the Northumberland or Quinte area agree that getting your kids excited about brushing their teeth is the first step towards a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Select the Right Toothpaste—rather than subjecting your toddler to the adult mint-flavoured toothpaste, select instead a fruity flavoured variety that they are sure to enjoy using. When parents with young children enter Joly Dental Care we suggest they take their young child grocery shopping and head to the toothpaste aisle and let the kids pick out their own toothpaste. It’s fun and gets them excited about brushing.

Play Copycat—little kids love to mimic what they see around them, and if they see you having fun they will want to copy your actions. Bring your child into the bathroom to watch you brush your teeth. Ensure that the child can see and reach their toothbrush. Be sure to exaggerate a sense of excitement when you are brushing, as that will serve to galvanize him or her to join in with the fun.

Connect the Dots—here is a fun little printout from the Canadian Dental Association to be posted near your sink where the kids brush their teeth. Every night have them connect one dot until the entire puzzle is complete. Click here to download.

Proper Brushing Techniques—to teach proper brushing techniques and to get your child excited about performing this necessary daily chore we recommend mimicking their brush strokes to that of a train wheel. Using big circles, instead of up and down motions, is the best way to get your kid’s teeth clean and sparkly.

Our doctors and staff are committed to help patients feel better about themselves. We aim to deliver a healthier lifestyle by creating a confident and happy smile. Questions about how to help your kids with their oral hygiene? Please contact Joly Dental Care in Edmonton, Alberta today at 780-428-3281.

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