Tooth Extraction: Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in Edmonton Explains that It’s Not As Bad As You May Think!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that time spent in the dentist chair is time most people would prefer to spend elsewhere. We’ve all heard someone describe something difficult as “like pulling teeth”; but what happens when you actually need to have a tooth pulled? Whether your tooth needs to come out because of infection or orthodontic reasons, you want to make sure your mouth is in the right hands.

Knowing what to expect takes a lot of anxiety out of the situation. Outlined here are the steps of tooth extraction, so you can rest easy.

After assessing the reasons for your tooth removal­­ – perhaps your mouth is crowded (by wisdom teeth or otherwise), or the tooth is infected – the dentist will get to work. He will give you a local anesthetic so the area around the tooth will be numb. If the tooth is impacted, however, the dentist may use a general anesthetic instead. In any case, rest assured: you won’t feel any pain after this step is complete.

The Procedure
Using forceps, the dentist will wiggle the tooth back and forth until it can be removed. In some cases, gum tissue may be cut away in order for the tooth to be removed more easily. Sometimes the tooth can be pulled out entirely; sometimes it must be removed in sections.

After the Removal
Often a blood clot will form in the space where the tooth was removed. This is normal, and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. The dentist will gently place a gauze pad and ask you to bite down in order to help stop the bleeding. Sometimes he will place self-dissolving stitches to close up the gums around the area in order to facilitate the healing process.

This is a simple part of the process: you just go home and rest. Recovery usually only takes a few days in total; take it easy for the first day. Take painkillers as prescribed, apply ice to the area, and work around the extraction site. When brushing, rinsing or flossing, try to avoid the area. When eating, choose soft foods and avoid chewing in that area. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be good as new in no time.

Perhaps your tooth removal was prompted by esthetic concerns, or maybe the procedure has left you with an unsightly gap. Once your mouth has recovered, our cosmetic dentistry specialists in Edmonton can help you achieve a perfect smile by using dental implants to mimic the appearance of natural, healthy teeth.

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