Transform Your Fractured Tooth with Porcelain Dental Crowns

Functions of Dental Crowns

A dental crown is used to return your teeth and smile back to their former glory. If you have a tooth that is fractured or decaying, a local dental clinic can help fill in the rest of your smile by adding a dental crown. Edmonton and the surrounding areas rely on Joly Dental Care to take care of missing and cracked teeth that not only affect your mouth, but the entire look of your face. It is best to get a dental crown quickly to avoid additional damage and pain.

Your dental crown will be made to be the same size and shape of your old tooth. They will blend in with the rest of your teeth to be indistinguishable. With a crown in place, your jaw and bite will stay aligned so you won’t have to readjust to chewing and talking. By keeping your teeth in their original position, this will prevent them from shifting and causing extra dental work later on.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A crown might be necessary to be used instead of a filling if the damage in a tooth is too great. The crown will fit onto the remaining tooth so that it can become more durable and is a more cost effective solution than other cosmetic options.

A crown can restore the entire top of your tooth, and when it is combined with a fixed bridge, it can act as a replacement, or as a splint, for natural teeth. The durable material that makes your crown can vary from metal to ceramic. Modern improvements to crowns let dentists create translucent and natural-coloured crowns to complete your smile with little change.

Tooth Crowns in Edmonton

If you are ready to improve your smile, look no further than Joly Dental Care. Our experienced team can handle all of your cosmetic dentistry needs including dental bonding, teeth whitening and tooth crowns. Edmonton residents trust our dental clinic to offer friendly and helpful service that makes them look their best. Book an appointment today with Dr. Joly for all of your dentistry needs.

Video Transcription – Crowns Made in a Single Appointment

When a tooth’s structure is compromised, a crown rebuilds the tooth to optimal shape and function. A crown is usually made of ceramic or a composite material. With the CAD/CAM crown, your doctor uses state of the art technology to image your tooth in 3D which feeds into a computer to aid in redesigning the restoration. This technology makes it possible for your doctor to complete your crown in a single appointment. During the first step, your tooth is prepared to make room for the crown. Next the prepared tooth is scanned and creation of the crown begins. It is then milled right in your doctor’s office while you wait. Once your crown is ready your doctor will make final adjustments and cement it into place. Once completed, your tooth is now restored to optimal shape and function.

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