Family Dental Clinic Services in Downtown Edmonton

From children and teenagers to adults and seniors, Joly Dental Care is the family dentist Edmonton that you can count on.

Start Your Child on the Road to Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Regular dental checkups should start early for your child. Joly Dental Care recommends that you bring your child to their first dentist appointment when they are around 18 months. Dental checkups should be made at least twice a year so that we can properly monitor the development of your child’s teeth and gums. We can provide dental exams, preventative and restorative treatments, and advice on how your child can maintain good oral health at home. Starting your child’s dental care early can help them continue good oral health habits throughout the rest of their lives.

Orthodontic Service for Teens

As your child grows, their teeth will shift sometimes becoming crooked or crowded. Misalignment of teeth not only causes discomfort, but can make it harder to chew food and may even cause some teeth to wear down. That’s why Joly Dental Care offers orthodontic services for adolescents to help avoid these issues in the future. Teenagers can try Invisalign® braces, a virtually invisible teeth straightening procedure. Invisalign® is used by Dr. Joly to treat issues from underbite and overbite to overcrowding and gaps between teeth. These invisible braces are hardly noticeable on your teeth and because they are removable, allow you to still eat your favourite foods.

Cosmetic Procedures for the Adults

Joly Dental Care can offer adults of any age with comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services. From bonding to teeth whitening to veneers to Invisalign® braces, our cosmetic procedures can help you maintain a bright and healthy smile as the years go by. Cosmetic dentistry not only provides you with a beautiful smile, but ensures your teeth are fully functional and without discomfort. When your teeth are missing or misaligned this can affect speaking, eating, and more.

Routine Dental Checkups & Senior Dental Care

Routine dental checkups are important for patients of any age. Just like children, adults can benefit from routine dental checkups twice a year. These checkups should include not only cleanings, but exams and x-rays that will help catch mild dental issues before they evolve into something more serious. Dental checkups are needed for cavity prevention, fillings, root canals, and more. Even as you reach your senior years, regular dental care is needed to sustain healthy oral hygiene.

One-Stop Dental Clinic for the Whole Family

Discover the convenience of Joly Dental Care. No longer do you have to worry about shopping around to different dental clinics just to find a dentist for every member of the family. Children, teens, adults, and seniors can all find dental services to suit their needs. Thanks to Joly Dental Care, you can bring the whole family to just one clinic.

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Joly Dental Care is the family dental Edmonton patients can bring their whole family to. Call our office in downtown Edmonton today and book your appointment.

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